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FNAF 2 Red Warning  Before to start, WARNING, this account contain foot-paws fetish arts, and is focused on it. If you are not fetishists, you don't like this weird thing (I KNOW that is weird), just ignore my gallery and continue with your exploration on this art site. Don't make mess in the comments please, I like to talk peacefully, and possibly, with open-minded people. So, do not behave in aggressively and offensive ways. If my drawings annoys you, block me directly, in way to not see them.  
:redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: 
Hi to all ! This is an updated repost of the old rules that usually lot of people don't read. 


Use always a correct english, I'm still learning the language and if you use very particular terms, acronyms or write bad, I could not understand. I know is stupid to write this here, but some notes that I've read are pratically in morse code.  All incomprehensible notes,  will be instantly deleted.

THEN. This account is especially focused about the Stuck-Fetish. I can anyway draw also worships, and POVs.  
I hate to draw male characters, so avoid to asking me to draw them, unless absolutely necessary.

I still don't accept requests, but if you want, you are totally free to suggest to me a scene, characters, situations (always in topic with the gallery) using a note. Actually I don't like receive suggestion or other things in the comments, so please use the notes. If possible, write down all the details in a single note. As they are only suggestion, I could prefer to change, add, or remove something.  

I draw only not-real characters. You can suggest anime/cartoon characters and OC's. 
I will not do any drawing about sex scenes, and totally forget to request me to draw kids. 

For paws or paws stuck drawings, the protagonists are limited exclusively to Pokémon, Digimon or dragons 
(be aware, I do not know Digimon characters), (I prefer to draw dragon-kind paws, like Dragonite or Greymon's paws). 
Usually, I require a long time to draw, because I work in a particular situation, I don't want to specify about that.

Sometimes I like to do gif's, also about stuck situations. Would be great, but I have no time to do a gif entirely from my drawings. So I usually takes the frames from a scene (Like the one where Medusa Gorgon was crushing the frog). It's hard and require lot of attention, so the result could not be in high quality. In addition, if you have to suggest a gif, possibly give me directly a video 480p or plus of quality of the scene. 

I'm usually opened to do art trades, that means you ask me to do a drawing, and you should do a drawing that I ask in return. If the trade start, also if I'm working on other things, I will focus on the drawing you ask. 

I gladly RP with you in my free time, now that I have the Deviantart's app I'm also more quick to answer. But it is very bugged. 
My RP usually are not off topic with the gallery, but in this case you are more "Free". I like to create dynamic or funny situations. I use to RP only with the notes. 
Ok for the old ones, but stop with RP's under the drawings. 

NOTES USE: How much times I've wrothe "Notes" in this sort of rules list ? NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES
In any case, you can use them also for any kind of question, or simply to talk normally with me. I would like to know better some of my watchers. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Welcome on a profile of a guy with strange tastes.
Any information about me is here !


Gallery Update: 

Art Trades: 

Art Trade with Lululewd (confirmed)


"Iris glued again" (not started)
"Yume Miwaku's stuck moment" (not started - features RazorVolare's OC)
"Panty & Stocking Stuck" - Cartoon style (not started)
"Judy OPS !" (not started)

OC Designs: 
Pam re-design (almost ready)

Lory Update (not started)
New OC (not started)

*Since for lack of time I was not able to start many of the drawings that I'm planning to do, if you want, you can suggest from which to start from those in the "drawings" section. I'll do all of them in any case.*
 Nick - Icon 
I want to share with you my list of works to do, I need to close the suggestions for this moment until I have finished.

Pam and Evie Stuck (started - features LethalTickling's OC)

Art Trade with Lululewd (still not confirmed)

"Iris glued again" (not started)
"Yume Miwaku's stuck moment" (not started - features RazorVolare's OC)
Pam re-design (started)
Lory Update (not started)
New OC (not started)
Hi to all my watchers, sorry for the lack of activity, this period I'm very busy. Wish you all a nice Christmas !
Taro from Pokémon Amino, stop taking my pictures without any permission and posting them into your site. Also if you give me the credits, you must ask before you take them and publish them elsewhere.


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